Happiness is difficult to find within, and impossible to find anywhere else!
Whether you realize it or not, you have people you either won’t or can’t forgive. The ‘won’t is, “I know I should forgive you, but I’m not going to.” And the ‘can’t’ is subconscious, which you are unable to access or change, without help.

Not forgiving someone; drags you down, holds you back, makes you tired, compromises your immune system and creates a dis-ease in your body; which turns into disease. While, forgiving someone takes away their power over you, and allows you to stop reliving the past and move forward with a clear and happy heart.

You don’t forgive someone because they deserve forgiveness; you forgive them because you deserve peace, and freedom from the pain of the past.

Your brain is an unbelievable powerhouse; but unfortunately, many of us use only 10% of it. What you think about comes about. What you focus on expands. What you think today becomes your tomorrow. You quite literally write the script to your life, line-by-line, day-by-day; by what you choose to say, think, believe and affirm.

When you move your fingers a fraction of an inch while looking into a kaleidoscope, the entire image transforms. Once you choose to change your mind and shift your perspective (just a little) on something that is bothering you; life gives you a much nicer view. I’ll admit that’s often easier said than done…but that’s where I come in.

Let me help you forgive the unforgivable, and claim the life you’ve always deserved!

Warmest regards



Forgiveness Coaching!
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