“Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn’t be done.” ~ Amelia Earhart

Now here was a woman who was well ahead of her time; a female flying a plane, when women barely had the vote…incredible…unimaginable!  Amelia Earhart didn’t think so.  She knew she was meant to fly planes and take on dangerous missions, no matter what anyone thought.  She died trying to achieve something great!

Will you?  Will you dare to step out of your comfort zone; and bet your life on something you believe in, regardless of how others react?

It doesn’t have to be something on as grand a scale as Amelia Earhart’s; just as long as whatever it is, consumes your imagination, creativity and passion.  Something that you just ‘have’ to do.

I have a grandniece who does just that every single day of her life.  She has driven dog teams in the Yukon and fought out-of-control forest fires in Alberta.

What dare lives in your soul?  It’s time to give it wings.

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